Overlanding Equipment Brings Surgical Care to Remote Regions

Learn how the SOTA Convoy setup brings surgical care to impoverished and remote regions.

SOTA Convoy (SOTAC) consists of three MAN HX60 4×4 trucks provided by Overland Travel. One truck carries a 16’ Bliss Mobil Family Unit with kitchen, lavatory, and beds for use as Staff Quarters (SQ). Four to six people can sleep in this staff unit and three to six staffers can sleep in the beds of the cabins of the trucks, thereby accommodating up to twelve convoy team members. 

A second truck carries a 16’ fully-equipped Operating Theatre (OT) unit provided by Hospitainer, including anesthesia and sterilization equipment. The third truck carries a Pharmacy unit and Storage (P/S) platform for the Hospitainer inflatable building (HIB) and backup generator. The three units are solar-powered for cooling, water purification, positive pressure, and all needed equipment.

When the SOTAC arrives at its destination, the two clinical trucks (OT and P/S) are positioned and connected with sluices to the HIB. This inflatable building, with a usable footprint of 56 square meters, creates a spacious working area for the SOTAC team, including a pre/post-op area and a waiting area with reception. The staff truck is separate from the HIB. The SOTAC can be fully operational in less than an hour.

To learn more about our advanced overlanding equipment and how it’s being used to bring surgical care to remote and impoverished regions, get in touch.