African Surgical Initiative Report Demonstrates Desperate Need for Surgical Care & SOTAC

See the statistics from 2023 African Surgical Initiative report that show need for SOTAC.

Released in November 2023, the “Status of Access to Surgical Care in Africa” discussing the Africa Surgical Initiative 2030 implementation of the Dakar Declaration has once again proven the necessity of medical organizations like SOTAC for low-to-middle income countries. This research article evaluated the gaps in African healthcare systems (surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia care) and potential solutions.

The article noted that while access in healthcare in Africa has made great strides within the past two years, “Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest unmet need for surgical care in the world, with 41 million cases per year (29% of global unmet need)” (M’Pelé P. et al, 34). Our convoy specializes in providing general surgical procedures to help meet this need. Of the surgical cases we are prepared to help with, we are expecting to provide multiple life-changing procedures to children as a result of “…the low priority generally given to… children in many health systems because resources are insufficient and the knowledge, skills and equipment needed for care are out of reach” (M’pelé P. et al, 34).

These findings align with the reason that SOTAC exists. There is a critical need for the medical materials, knowledge, and skills to perform surgical procedures in Africa, and we are eager to meet that need. As we continue to serve low and middle income countries, we look forward to sharing knowledge about surgical care with hospitals in Africa so they can help individuals in need of more complex surgical procedures. We have collaborated and received support from our trusted partners, including the G4 Alliance, to ensure that our services are effective, efficient, and culturally aware. 

Our work has been recognized by leaders such as Dr. Bisola Onajin-Obembe (MBBS, FWACS, MBA, PhD), the G4 Alliance Permanent Council President / Director. Dr. Onajin-Obembe shared, “This is an exciting logistic solution for difficult and challenging terrains. I wish [SOTAC] great success on the launching of the trucks.” 

We are eternally grateful for the support of our donors and partners that will directly impact hundreds of lives. To support this important work and contribute to the life-changing surgical procedures provided by SOTAC, you can donate, sign up for our e-newsletters, and spread the word to your friends and family.