Coordinating Partners to Serve Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Learn how SOTAC coordinates partners around the globe to increase regional SOTA care.

SOTA Convoys coordinates the logistics between several partners.  No one institution or agency can bring SOTA care, both procedures and training, to clinically difficult places. It takes a concerted effort by everyone from the Ministry of Health to local NGOs to professional associations to medical schools to corporate suppliers to charitable foundations and donors. SOTAC, with its like-minded partners, from policy-makers in Geneva to local healthcare workers on the ground, identifies the best infrastructure, destinations, medical practices, staffing, patient population, and procedures, and the best way to coordinate everything from government licensing to post-op care. Some of our valued partners include:

  • Safari Doctors
  • Lake Turkana Wind Power
  • G4 Alliance
  • The Republic of Kenya
  • Bliss Mobil
  • Hospitainer
  • College of Surgeons: East, Central, Southern Africa
  • OTPKA (Operating Theatre Practitioners Association of Kenya)
  • East African Community (EAC)
  • And more!

To learn more and partner with us to increase the presence and professionalism of regional SOTA care, please contact us.